LED Signs Pty Ltd

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  • a: 14 Palmer Pace
  • Murarrie QLD
  • t: +61 2 9887 8400
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  • e: sales@led-signs.com.au
  • w: www.led-signs.com.au
  • About LED Signs Pty Ltd
  • LED-Signs is a leading manufacturer of digital LED sign, screen and display technology in Australia. As a designer and manufacturer, LED-Signs offers extensive guarantees and support that importers are unable to match in practice. LED-Signs specialises in LED digital solutions that combine superior design, longevity, and environmental toughness. Our LED product range includes video walls, scrolling message signs, time & temperature displays, safety boards and scoreboards. LED-Signs digital solutions are supplied to outdoor and indoor advertising organisations, signage providers, casinos, clubs, hotels, cinemas, airports, schools, designers, builders, architects, mining, and retail organisations throughout Australia.